29 series: rotor diameter Φ 35 height 25.3 applied to fascia gun (axis diameter Φ6)

Item Specification
Winding Type Star
Rotor position detection Hall element(inductive)
Driving Waveform 3-phase full wave: square wave
Driving Waveform PWM
Signal Frequency 20KHz(1K-25KHz)
Pole and Slot Numbers 10 Poles, 12 Slots
Insulation Withstand Voltage AC 500V 60S/AC 600V 1s 1mA
Insulation Resistance 10MΩ MIN DC 500V
Insulation Class Class B
Structure Outer Rotor
Axial Movement 0.1mm MAX
Radial Runout 0.02mm MAX
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Ambient Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C
Direction CW / CCW
Motor Item unit MI-JG29HM0M0
Rated Voltage VDC 7.4
Rated Speed rpm 2500
Rated Torque mN*m 45
Rated Current A 2.2
Rated Power W 16.3
Peak Current A 10
Peak Torque mN*m 190
Resistance Q 0.398
Inductance m H 0.175
Length mm 25.3
Weight g 100
Noise dB (A) 0.5m 50
Item Specification
Voltage Range DC 7V-18V
Speed Accuracy ±3%
RPM Range 500rpm-2500rpm
Power Range 5W-20W
Efficiency 50%-65%
Load Fixing D-shaped Flat
Terminal Signal Vcc/GNG===U.V.W
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